Vandal - Vector_Flex


    The VANDAL surf model stand up paddle board is the go-to board for those wanting a shortboard outline in their boards giving you a predictable and easy to ride board, design for smooth, super fast and responsive turns that allows carving & top to bottom surfing.

    The progressive rocker allows the board to perform in a variety of conditions and the refined lower rails and foil (foam distribution) give the board a very responsive feel. The concave starts towards the nose and deepens through the centre which then flows into a vee double through the fins. This allows quick rail to rail surfing and creates nice release through turns. 

    The carbon stringers top and bottom save weight and give a nice positive flex through turns. If you like explosive SUP surfing then the VANDAL is the board for you. The Vector-Flex construction is lighter than the Hyper-Tech construction, incorporating carbon bottom and rails with the flex characteristics of a timber deck the Vector-Flex is the best of both worlds.
    The 9'5" has a flyer near the tail and a swallow tail as this worked best at this size, however the other sizes feature the squash tail

    As with all out Hyper-Tech constructions the board is beefed up for surfing so you can go as hard as you can.

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