12th Round


The 12th Round is a high performance board that is more forgiving than most. We have added a touch more volume through the centre of the board to the chest area to help get on the waves easier and earlier, leaving the nose and tail thinned out to allow high performance turns and drive down the line. The 12th Round is stable underfoot while still being lively and easy to manoeuvre.

The extra volume allows easier paddle power and early entry into waves giving you more waves per session and the confidence in making the drop.

We have kept a mid rocker giving better paddle speed and allowing you to plane over fat sections, with a little extra flip in the nose giving you control on late drops

The 12th Round is a perfect board for those that want the most waves per session or for those that don’t get out as much as they used to but still want a high performance board under their feet. We have tested these boards extensively in everything from 4-10ft Cloudbrek to small beachies and the verdict is that the 12th Round is an amazing all rounder.



Whether you just want to cruise on the lake, paddle up the river, try your hand at surfing or even some SUP yoga, the BAYSURF is your go to board. 

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