Degenerate Package Deal


    This XMAS BONUS package deal comes with a FREE carbon fixed or Carbon adjustable paddle plus a FREE board bag. 

    Simply choose the board size & what you paddle you would like, or you can upgrade to a Innegra paddle for an extra $90.

    The Degenerate Stand up paddle board is our biggest selling surf SUP for a few key reasons. 

    1. It surfs insane – plain and simple: Fast, responsive, and as much drive as you can handle, & turns like a board with much less width.
    2. It is super stable allowing beginners to learn SUP surfing & the more advanced riders to get out in choppy and messy conditions without constantly falling off.
    3. It is a great board for the bigger guys still looking to throw the board around on a wave and have enough volume in all the right places

    We designed the Degenerate to have the best of both worlds; a stable board that allows you to get out in any conditions without feeling tippy and unsteady, and also a board that surfs like a much narrower board that can crank out full rail bottom turns, gouging cutbacks and super fast down the line speed. We achieved this by removing a lot of volume from the nose and tail area, pulling the outline in to be a more shortboard inspired outline, yet keeping the volume and width where needed to give you a super stable board that will blow your mind once on a wave.

    The Degenerate is a board that will grow with you as your surfing improves and is great for everyone from beginners to the most advanced level, and also for the bigger and heavier riders that still want a performance board.

    The outline is a shortboard style outline with pulled in nose and tail with less foam in these areas to allow the board to be responsive under foot and is one of the secrets in allowing the board to turn and perform the way it does, but we have kept the width at 32” to give a really stable board

    The bottom has a concave nose entry which deepens through the middle to give even more stability and speed; which then flows into a vee double through the fins to allow the board its rail to rail surfing. The rails are also finely tuned to give you the best performance.

    The Degenerate can also be used in flat water although it is a more refined board with less overall thickness and more refined rails than the cross over style boards such as our Baysurf Model.

    The Degenerate comes in 8’5”, 9’0”, 9’5”, 10’0” 10’5” all in 32” wide.

    The feedback we get from this board is simply amazing, it blows minds with everyone who has ridden one.

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