Imagine a longboard shoved into a shortboard - Meet the Fridge, a board with volume for those who need it.

The FRIDGE is a performance surfboard for the big fella.

We know that getting older and putting on a few KG's while we struggle to get back out in the water is more common than we want so we have created a board specifically tailored to larger gentleman.

The FRIDGE features a fuller short board outline with more thickness, width and volume than most boards on the market. The Fridge will allow you to get back out there and start catching as many waves as you did as a grom, whilst still allow you to turn and actually surf the board. The FRIDGE is pretty much the board that allows you to surf again.

We have spent years working with guys between 100kg-160kg who thought their surfing days were long behind them, but the fridge has proven that you just needed the right board under your feet and some time back in the water.

EPS/epoxy contruction for added strength and buoyancy.

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