J-Hawk Noserider


    The J-Hawk Stand up paddle board is our dedicated noserider SUP. The J-Hawk is named after it’s beautiful shape & curves, just like Jenifer Hawkins, so we dropped a few letters from her name and abbreviated. (J-Hawk)

    Designed with super refined rails and low volume, the J-Hawk picks up waves easily & has incredible flow & maneuverability on the wave. The wide nose allows you to get up the nose whist the pin tail and low pinched rails holds you steady in the face. Cross step up the nose and enjoy the view, step on the tail for a driving cutback, or lean forward to release the fins to start spinning. The J-Hawk is a super fun board that takes SUP surfing back to why we first started to SUP in the first place......to enjoy the glide.

    The J-Hawk is surprisingly easy to turn and has no worries doing full rail turns, cutbacks & lip moves due to the progressive rocker and added tail lift.

    Coming in a 4 + 1 setup the J-Hawk can be ridden as a single fin, 2+1, Thruster, or Quad giving you a heap of options depending on your style or conditions.

    We have designed the J-Hawk Stand up paddle board model to achieve 5 main things:
    • Fast & Responsive 
    • Low semi pinched rails for hold
    • Turns on a dime
    • Noserides super well
    • Can still hit lips moves

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