Slayer MK11 SUP

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  • The Slayer MKIII has taken the original Slayer design, turned it on its head and taken parallel rails to the extreme.

    The Slayer MKIII gives you all the benefits of a fish style surfboard without the excess length, width and volume of your standard SUP.

    Designed for maximum speed and flow in your average summer fat burgers, the Slayer MKIII will have you flying past everyone else in the lineup and snapping turns only dreamt of before. The snub nose removes the swing weight of your normal shaped board and the parallel rails allow for a narrower outline that provides lift, speed and drive right from the take off and through the fatter sections.

    Concave nose entry into a Vee double through the tail with single channel running between the fins allows the board to transition quickly rail to rail and The Bat tail gives several points to pivot from through turns which makes every wave your blank canvas to tear apart.

    Comes with a 5 fin future setup and is best ridden as a quad with a stabiliser fin in the rear.

    The Slayer MKII will definitely get a few second glances even before you hit the waves.

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