Slayer SUP

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  • Turn every surf into a skatepark

    The Slayer is your ultimate summer fun board. When the waves get small and mushy, this is the board you want to turn to so you can turn every wave into a skatepark.

    Designed for surfing in average waves, the Slayer features a stubby and more parallel outline keeping the width and volume through to the nose, but pulling in the tail slightly to allow for rail to rail transitions and critical turns.

    Its flat-ish rocker allows you to plane over fat sections and the forgiving rail design will bounce over anything you can throw at it. The nose and tail lift stop you from nosediving and allows aggressive lips moves and power slides. The Slayer is surprisingly at home in more solid and powerful waves also as the flyers in the tail allow for more aggressive bottom turns and lip moves and the channel system really comes into its own.

    The bottom shape and channels of the Slayer make this board very unique with a concave nose entry into an aggressive vee-double through the tail, with a specialised channel system we like to refer to as chute channels. The main channel runs from the tail up to the water entry of the nose allowing for super fast paddling and early entry into the waves, the surrounding channels join towards the fin area shooting water between the fins to make the Slayer a super fast and responsive board. You gain speed from the takeoff and can draw your own lines depending on your style. 

    Stable yet aggressive with a 5 fin setup and the ability to have the best of both worlds.....summer fun, and more powerful waves as well.

    The Vector-Flex construction is lighter than the Hyper-Tech construction, incorporating carbon bottom and rails with the flex characteristics of a timber deck the Vector-Flex is the best of both worlds.

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