The perfect mini noserider, the Swiper is the ultimate fun board to add to your quiver. Perfect for down the line points and punchy beach breaks as this board turns on a dime due to the refined pin tail.

This board paddles like a longboard with the added advantage of throwing it around like a shortboard. 

A 4 + 1 fin configuration allows many fin configuration options, each option creating a new feeling of speed, power and flow.

Want the soul of a longboard but performance of a shortboard? Then this is the one for you! A great all-rounder that paddles effortlessly, takes bottom turns and cut backs to a new level. You can even ride this in hollow over head waves and it will hold the line well deep in the barrel with its pulled in pin tail. You can still even get up on the nose. With so many fin set up options (single, twin, thruster or quad) there's something to suit the everyone.


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