Throwdown SUP


    The THROWDOWN is a gun shaped SUP for those wanting speed and drive from their boards.

    The whole concept of the Throwdown Stand up paddle board is to have a board small enough to throw around off the top, but to also have enough drive to perform a solid bottom turn with confidence in waves of consequence and hold in steep critical sections allowing you to ride higher without the fear of sliding out. 

    Smooth entry and extra glide will help you get over the lip on bigger waves and the pin tail will help you outrun sections and jam powerful turns. The Throwdown is also surprisingly responsive in small surf when ridden off the tail and can tear apart any small beach break or weaker summer waves.

    Designed to carve in the pocket without any restrictions, the Throwdown is a great board if you like a surfing a bit more juice and like waves with a bit more power. Featuring a concave nose entry which deepens through the centre and flows into a vee double through the fins for quick rail to rail transitions, all without sacrificing stability, speed or manoeuvrability.  

    The THROWDOWN.......Throw Down a solid turn

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